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30 Posters for a Sustainable World

In 1992, Felipe Taborda organized 30 poster designers from around the world to design posters for the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio. The posters were given to the participating countries, all of whom adopted Agenda 21 – a blueprint to rethink economic growth, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection. Twenty years later the United Nations is again bringing together governments and international organizations and Taborda has assembled 30 international poster designers to commemorate the event with 30 Posters for a Sustainable World.

Taborda feels that posters are the perfect medium to get across the message
"In the graphic universe there isn’t doubt that the poster, whatever it’s shape, is the noblest and most direct way that a designer or an artist can use to manifest.The poster, over the centuries, has always played an absolute function, popular,didactic, informational and promotional."

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